Autologous Bone Marrow Transplant as a Treatment for Breast Cancer

(Intensive Chemotherapy Treatment)

This is the (subjective) description of a bone marrow transplant. The purpose is to help prepare others for this treatment.

My girlfriend, Susanne, was diagnosed with metastasized breast cancer in November 1994. Three years earlier a tumor was removed from her left breast, and she was treated with both chemotherapy and radiation. The metastasized cancer was discovered at a routine check, where enlarged lymph nodes were found in the left armpit.

We were told then, that there were two possible treatments 1) Regular chemotherapy combined with radiation. The chances for a recurrence, however was high, we were told. The second option was an autologous bone marrow transplant.

The following is a description of her treatment, as performed at a hospital in Denmark.
Please note that this procedure has been discontinued.

When Susanne began the ABMT treatment on January 6th 1995, she was 36 years old and in excellent condition. The treatment lasted until May 30th 1995. Today Susanne is 45 years old and has returned to a normal life, but still has some shortness of breath, occasional coughing and reduced hearing.

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