June 2013


Experienced test specialist with focus on design, execution and planning.
More than 10 years experience with design, development and execution of test suites.
Experienced designer and developer on UNIX systems, specializing on stress test.
Primary technologies: C, Shell, FreeBSD, UNIX and HP Quality Center (Mercury).


1998 - : Subcontractor.

My specialties are UNIX and test. I have worked with the following tasks:

1999 - 2013: The FreeBSD Project.

This project focuses on uptime for the FreeBSD operating system.

  • Design and implementation of a kernel stress test suite.
  • Test planning.
  • Execution and report generation.
  • Development of bug fixes.
  • Testing patches from fellow developers.
  • Design of test scenarios based on bug reports.

Current activity involves stress testing the new journalling file system for FreeBSD: SUJ.

A detailed description of the project is found here: http://people.freebsd.org/~pho/stress/.
Technology: FreeBSD, gcc, sh, awk, sed, make, vi, Subversion, git.

2011 - 2011: Phonic Ear A/S.

Test and adjustment of HearIt Media.

  • Functional test of the product.
  • Response time measurements.
  • Microphone level adjustments.

Technologies: Bluetooth®, Windows NT.

2007 - 2008: CapGemini Consulting.

Continued my work for TDC Services A/S. Knowledge transfer to Capgemini's Mumbai team.

  • Design and development of an automated test suite.
  • Coordination with the back office in India.
  • Knowledge transfer to co-workers in India.
  • Documentation of the test suite and data mining tools used for testing.

Technologies: HP-UX, Solaris, Oracle, shell, Perl, awk, TAP3, ASN.1, HP Quality Center, automated tests.

2006 - 2007: TDC Services A/S.

Test of software for billing mobile phone calls.

  • Test of billing system: Comptel / Amdocs software.
  • Design of test cases using Quality Center.
  • Data mining for test traffic.

Technologies: HP-UX, Solaris, Oracle, shell, Perl, awk, TAP3, ASN.1, HP Quality Center, automated tests.

2005 - 2005: IBM Service Delivery Center A/S (DM Data).

The job was to ensure consistent software installation on 50 HP-UX boxes.

  • Development of an automated test suite for Operational Acceptance Testing (OAT).
  • Daily runs of the test suite, including reporting.
  • Follow-up on bug fixes.
  • Documentation of the test suite.

Technologies: Shell scripts, grep, awk, sed, OAT Test.

2004 - 2004: NetTest A/S.

The customer had the following Linix tasks:

  • Debugging of a ethernet driver.
  • Adapt a Linux driver to a new chipset in order to get RAM parity error reporting.
  • Optimization of the installation procedure.
  • Documentation of the work done.

Technologies: Red Hat 7.2, gcc, sh, vi.

2003 - 2003: Scandinavian Airlines System.

Port of a large (5K filer, 1M lines) C++ based system from HP-UX 11.0 (Rogue Wave STL) to HP-UX 11i (HP STL).

  • Fix the code so it could compile.
  • Regression test of the new software.
  • Writing a log book of all problems, solutions tried and the found results.

Technologies: C++, Rogue Wave, CVS, Rational Rose, Metro, Tuxedo and DB2 Connect on HP-UX.

1998 - 2002: Scandinavian Airlines System.

The customer wished to replace an existing mainframe application and reimplement is on UNIX. Development of a crew schedduling system for Scandinavian Airlines.

  • Proof of concept.
  • Development of software.
  • Responsible for setting up the development environment.
  • Responsible for the Tuxedo implementation.
  • Design of a monitoring system.

Technologies: C++, Rouge Wave, CVS, Rational Rose, Metro, Tuxedo and DB2 Connect on HP-UX.

1995 - 1997: NetMan A/S.

TeMIP performance collection from microwave links.

Technologies: C++, Tcl.

1989 - 1995: Dansk Data Elektronik A/S.

I worked with the UNIX kernel and related programs.

  • Port of UNIX SVR 4.2 from i386 to Mips R4000.
  • Design and development of an automated crash dump analysis program.
  • Port of X11 to UNIX System 3.

Technologies: C, RCS, MAke, vi, sed, awk, X11.

1987 - 1989: Niro Atomizer Inc., Columbia, MD, USA.

Development of CAD applications. Fortran on a Prime computer. Design and development of CAD support programs and plotter drivers.

1985 - 1987: Dansk Data Elektronik A/S.

Development of an Oracle based calendar system.

1984 - 1985: Niro Atomizer A/S.

Development of CAD applications. Fortran on a Prime computer.

1979 - 1984: NuData ApS.

Partner in a smaller firm developing budgeting system.

2006 USENIX Summer Technical Conference, Boston, Massachusetts
1999 USENIX Summer Technical Conference, Monterey, California
1993 USENIX Summer Technical Conference, Cincinnati, Ohio
1993 USENIX Annual Technical Conference, San Diego, California
1992 USENIX Winter Technical Conference, San Francisco, California
1976 - 1980Computer Science, University of Copenhagen

Danish - Native
English - Fluent

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C++ 7High2003
Intel x8610Average 2013
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